The Primacy of Preaching in the Pastoral Search

One of the things that I argue in When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search is that pastoral search committees need to evaluate preaching very carefully – – -indeed, I spend several chapters equipping churches to know what to look for in biblical preaching.

The below quote from Tim Keller also stresses the primacy of preaching. Notice, however, Keller’s emphasis that a pastor must also be a shepherd leading his flock and spending time with them.

I too [along with D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones] am willing to affirm the “primacy of preaching” though I think there are many conservative evangelicals who take that to mean that preaching is essentially the only thing a minister has to do and everything else takes care of itself. That is a disastrous mistake. A man who is not deeply involved in personal shepherding, evangelism, and pastoral care will be a bad preacher. A man who can’t lead his church well, forming it into a cohesive community, will find (as we noted above) that his church can’t really benefit from his preaching. To say that preaching is primary in the church is correct. To make it virtually solitary in practice is not.

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