Churches Looking for a Pastor Must Learn from the Experiences of Others

Few will be involved in a pastoral transition so closely watched as Bethlehem’s transition from John Piper to Jason Meyer. However, there is still much that churches of all size and pastors considering transitions can learn from what they share about their transition.

One of the reasons the search for a new pastor is so challenging is that churches do it very infrequently – – – and if churches find themselves looking for a new pastor frequently, that’s a whole other problem. This means that rather than learning through their own experiences, churches looking for a pastor, and pastors looking for churches, must listen carefully to others.

In the below video, John Piper and Jason Meyer share their perspectives on the transition at Bethlehem. There is much that can be learned. Several points stood out to me when I watched the video.

  • The entire process was drenched with prayer. Question #1 on my checklist for churches looking for a pastor is a prayer list.
  • There was a process in place that was respected. Even when they both sensed God’s leading for Jason to be the next pastor, they allowed the process to play out with integrity. Here I would encourage readers to consider Ken Sande’s thoughts in this video.
  • Both John and Jason model how the process is not strictly objective nor subjective, but it combines a well thought out approach with a strong sense of the Holy Spirit leading.
  • The process was carefully designed in the context of Bethlehem.

For more, see Piper and Meyer Talk Succession for the First Time.

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One Response to Churches Looking for a Pastor Must Learn from the Experiences of Others

  1. Gary Wetzel says:

    What a difficult change! Piper is an unashamed “6” point Calvinist. What man could replace him? “Automaton”, maybe.

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