Pastor Search Resources has a series of 8 videos designed to help you in your pastoral search. The first video is an introduction to the site, hosted by Chris Brauns.

There are also four videos from The Gospel Coalition 2011 Conference, featuring a panel of three participants (Mark Dever, Lig Duncan, and Rick Thompson), discussing pastoral searches. The final three videos feature Chris discussing biblical pastoral transitions with various church leaders.

Welcome to PSR
Welcome to Pastor Search Resources
Author and pastor Chris Brauns welcomes visitors to and explains the mission and vision of the site.

The Gospel Coalition 1 – Find a Pastor in the 21st Century
Panel participants Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, and Rick Thompson talk to Chris Brauns about the challenges churches face as they try to find a pastor in the 21st century.

The Gospel Coalition 2 – Best Ways to Find Pastoral Candidates
Mentors? Churches? Aircraft carriers? The TGC panel discusses the best ways to find a new pastor in today’s world of endless internet options.

The Gospel Coalition 3 – Common Mistakes When Looking for a Pastor
The road to a new pastor is surrounded by deep ditches. The TGC panel talks about some of the ditches they’ve encountered and advises on how to keep out of them within your own church.

Bible Passages for Pastor Search Committees
In a panel led by Chris Brauns, participants Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, and Rick Thompson discuss the role that networks and conferences can play in pastoral transitions and recommend passages of Scripture for pastor search committees to read as they look for a new pastor.

Dealing with Conflict in a Biblical Way
In this video, pastor and author Chris Brauns interviews Ken Sande of Peacemaker Ministries and Tony Kroening of SIMA International. Churches experiencing a conflict during their pastor search will profit from the insights shared as well as gain ideas about where they can look for more help as their church moves forward.

The Pendulum Effect: A Common Mistake in Calling a New Pastor
In this video, Chris talks with Tony Kroening of SIMA International, and Jon Wright and Mike Pagh, two leaders of Grace Eden Prairie. These church leaders discuss “the pendulum effect”, a common mistake when searching for a new pastor.

Pastoral Transitions Video 8
Pastor/author Chris Brauns discusses pastoral transitions with special guests.