Welcome to Pastor Search Resources

In the last seven years, HALF of all churches have made a senior leadership change. If your church hasn’t changed pastors in recent years, you probably know several church that have.

Whether you’re a new member of a pastor search committee, or a well-experienced member of a pulpit nominating committee, PastorSearchResources.com is here to help you anticipate problems in your search, encourage you that you’re not alone, and motivate you to keep persevering in as you search for your new pastor!

In our videos, we hope to provide these things by bringing in:

  • Church leaders
  • Pastors who have been through transitions
  • Placement agencies and firms that can help you in your search
  • Ministries that serve local churches

Watch Chris’ introductory video to hear more about how we want to serve you at Pastor Search Resources.

Your Thoughts
How else can we serve you here at Pastor Search Resources? Any ideas for speakers you’d like to hear from or questions you’d like answered? Leave a comment and let us know!

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